Effective English classes for you with a Professional Teacher

The Debit Card


Course Options:

1) A 10-Hour course

A 10-hour course is ideal for students who wish to polish their skills for an upcoming interview. For students who wish to review and polish their language skills. A great option if you have an IELTS or other exam in the very near future.

2) A 20-hour course

A 20-hour course for busy students who need to use English in the workplace and already have an Intermediate or above level of English.

3) A 30-hour course

A 30-hour comprehensive course for Beginners - Advanced students who wish to gain an in-depth knowledge of English, or specialize in specific areas of English, such as effective Business Communication.


Prices range from (United States) $600 to $900, inclusive of all study materials.

Payments are accepted through international payment systems such as PayPal and Wise.

Any fees incurred, on any and all, payment transactions are the sole responsibility of the student.