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‘Overcoming Dilemmas using English as the medium of communication’

Svetlana is faced with the dilemma of attending an important workplace function, in her new job, or attending her best friend Victoria’s birthday party which happen to fall on the same day and at the same time. She can’t do both, or can she?

Ask yourself 3 questions

1) Have you ever faced a dilemma in which you had to respond to in English?

2) Could you overcome Svetlana’s dilemma using English as your medium of communication?

3) What do you think of Svetlana’s strategies – would you have done the same?

This is a challenging situation where you have to be creative and deductive at the same time, and also keep an eye on the language used. In this case it is a mixture of B2/ C1 level.

This workshop extract looks at Tips and Hints on improving your English outside the classroom.

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