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Thank you for your time and it is with great pleasure I am able to offer a short introduction to who I am and what I can offer to improve your English in order to reach your individual learning objectives.

My name is James Saville and I originate from New Zealand, you may be familiar with this small country, if not, please check out “The Lord of the Rings” movies.

I have been actively involved in Teaching and Training for over 30 years across South East Asia, with the majority of time spent in Thailand, where I currently reside.

Over this rather extensive period of time, I have taught and trained in a multitude of Institutions, Universities and Multinational companies.

If you have any questions, please contact me: jamesaville62@gmail.com.

Thank you,
James Saville.

Courses available for all levels - CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) A1 - C2:

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System),
  • TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication),
  • Exam Preparation,
  • Business Communication Skills,
  • General English,
  • Survival English (How to use English in a Native English-speaking country - for migration and Travel),
  • Soft Skills = Teamwork, Problem-solving, Leadership, Work ethics, Time management, Presentations etc.

An introduction video with the English Teacher

Productive Workshops for students

What do people say after my courses?

Student 1

My name is Mary and I am from Russia.

I have been studying a Business Communication Skills courses with James for nearly 2 years. James shares his confidence and knowledge with me so in order to improve my confidence and knowledge. My skills have improved over this time and now I understand structures and rules of communication to help me over came the language barriers.

I don't have enough words to describe classroom atmosphere. The most important thought is that I look forward to every next lesson. James is always on times and good prepared and gives Homework that it's really useful for my work and my education. James is the best teacher I have ever met.

He taught me the most significant thing - to love this language.”

Student 2

My name is Eric. I graduated from a university in Hong Kong in Public Nursing and now work as a nurse. I have been studying English since I was 7 years old.

Recently I was preparing for IELTS alone and believed that I could handle it easily, but I was wrong. I realized that IELTS is all about techniques and strategies. And then I met James. He was a wonderful teacher and he knows every elements for achieving high scores in IELTS. James helps me to correct my grammatical mistakes in spoken and written exercises without any hesitation, and he helps me to build my vocabularies and enhance sentence structures by giving many useful exercises.

Practicing with James can mean a lot of fun because he loves to make jokes during the lessons. With all the funny conversations, you will never be bored in the lessons. So, everyone should join James's lessons.

Student 3

Hello, My name is Olesia and I am an IT Specialist from Russia but now live permanently in Australia.

At the start of my classes my English level was pre-intermediate and now it is upper-intermediate. I can speak fluently on different topics. Also, my English level became good enough for working in Australia.

This improvement has been because of the classes I have taken with James he is knowledgeable, flexible, confident at the same time being a high professional teacher. He makes me relax and builds my confidence in class, because of the interactive relaxing way he teaches his classes. Also, he helps not only with English, he can (will) help you to understand Australian or Asian culture, tells you interesting facts or builds your English survival dictionary. In the lessons we have a very wide range of topics ranging from culture, society, mentality, history, technology, world cuisines and many others.

I recommend James as a tutor for all levels.

Student 3

I am Maya from Japan.

I work in a global pharmaceutical company and use English every day to communicate with my colleagues around the world.

Having good English skills are key to succeeding in my work.

I have been taking James’s classes for more than three years now as I need to constantly improve my English skills. The classes cover not only limited skills but do conversions, writing, managing meetings, etc. He provides the classes which I need each time. He is a cheerful and bright person and his classes are always fun. Each one-hour class ends in a flash. If anyone is looking for an English teacher who can provide productive and fun classes, James is that person.

Student 3

My name is Viktoriia. Originally, I am from Russia but permanently live in Australia.

I started English classes with James from the pre-intermediate level, and my goal was to build confidence, speak fluently, and what is most importantly, overcome the language barriers and find a job in Australia.

At the beginning of the course, James wrote a plan with the main objectives for the course, and at the end, he gave very detailed and informative feedback. Our classes are always fun and interactive, James is very flexible with topics and offers relevant material for my goals. Moreover, he organises workshops for his students to allow us to have more practice and be part of a great community that James builds carefully.

I have been studying English with James for almost 3 years and can say he helps me not only improve my English but also supports me in each stage of my career and builds confidence.

Student 3

Hello everyone. My name is Sergei and I am from Russia. My professional areas are management and accounting.

I started to learn an individual business English course with James Saville in October 2019 and acquired new speaking, reading and email writing skills in a business environment, as well as I became more self-confident in communication with English-speaking people.

Learning English with James is very interesting, effective, and allows me to look at my professional field under another corner.

I recommend English courses with James to everyone, because he possesses unique knowledge and experience of teaching in a business area and overall English as well.